For over 30 years, our community has worshiped our Lord inside of a temporary structure that was only intended to be used over a period of five years. Our community has grown exponentially and we are no longer able to congregate as one body due to lack of space. Our dream is to unite our people by building a permanent worship space that will last for generations to come. The estimated cost to build our new church is 7 Million Dollars. We need to Raise $4,550,000 Million Dollars to break ground and begin construction. Currently, Restricted Funds on Deposit as of March 31, 2021, is $2,205,277.58. So, we need $2,344,722.42. more to break ground and begin construction.





Floor Plan

Master Plan

Future Parish Center


Building a new church takes financial support from everyone. As members of His Greater Church, we are called to contribute the capital necessary, not only build a physical structure but to support the "living stones" of the parish--its parishioners, as well as those in our surrounding community. If you are being called to contribute to our campaign, follow the instructions below. 

Giving Through Faith Direct

If you need further assistance in registering for Faith Direct, please contact our Bookkeeper, Linda, at: 



(951) 277-1801 ext 404