Our sacramental preparation process for Youth Confirmation is a family-centered, two-year process in which the youth and parents attend monthly catechesis nights, SMMOOTH Youth Ministry, retreats, service days, home study and prayer.

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Confirmation 1 – Quick Catholic Lessons With Fr. Mike

Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike features important Catholic topics Fr. Mike addresses in his videos:

Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian?
Motivation to Go to Mass
Learning How to Love from the Bible
The Power of Prayer
Three Steps to Unceasing Prayer
Why Confess My Sins to a Priest?
Mortal vs. Venial Sin
Talking About Suicide
How to Quit Porn
Avoiding Impurity
The Meaning of Suffering
Battle of Prayer
What Is Hope and Why Do You Need It?
These lessons range from core questions about the Catholic Faith to practical issues on Christian discipleship. Each lesson includes objectives, opening and closing prayers with Scripture, an outline of Fr. Mike’s presentation, objective and subjective discussion questions, activities, and journal prompts. Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike has been designed to engage both teens and their parents.

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