We are called by baptism to be apostles and makers of apostles.

We will nurture our lives of faith and apostolic action as we gather as a fraternal community ready to receive God’s light and life.

We treasure this gift of light and life such that we become a people of

apostolic service in those places and circumstances where discipleship leads us.

In all humility, we propose to be salt and leaven in our community and world.


What does Salt & Light Ministry do?
We read and pray the Gospel of the upcoming Sunday before and during each ministry meeting. Practicing Lectio Divino.
When and how do we gather?  
Currently, we meet every Monday evening at 7 p.m. over the internet using Zoom technology.
You need a smartphone, computer, or tablet that connects to the internet.
An invite for the Zoom meeting is distributed to ministry members every Monday afternoon.
Who may join Salt and Light?  
If you have a Bible, daily prayer book, or access to the readings on Sunday and time every Monday evening, you’re ready to join.
We, as believers, share the good news of the Gospel.
Liturgical Activities:
We support our parish by hosting and assisting special
liturgical events such as retreats, reconciliation services during lent and advent
and other activities when called upon.
How to Join Salt and Light:
Contact Paul Flores at florespaul53@yahoo.com and request an invite to join us any Monday on Zoom.

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